Given, Chosen, and/or Imposed: My Gender, Myself

byBarbara Prillaman

In this unit, high school students will explore the sociological concept of gender through their investigation of identity. Through the use of common and choice text sets, students will be able to answer the following questions: How are sex and gender defined and understood?, How are gender expectations learned and/or imposed throughout one’s lifetime, and what does this mean to individuals and society?, and What is my understanding of gender and how does it impact my life? Common Core Standards are addressed, as students will need to evaluate and synthesize these multiple sources to answer the above questions individually as well as discuss them collectively. Students will practice active listening skills to truly hear their classmates’ gender identity stories. These will be presented by individuals’ artifacts and pictorial gender exhibitions.

(Developed for Sociology, grades 11-12; recommended for Social Science courses, grades 9-12)

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