Poetry and Public Life through Cultural Perspective and Relevancy

byElizabeth Isaac

The intent of this unit is to help third to eighth grade Dine students to enjoy reading poetry and find it entertaining. In addition, the unit teaches students the importance of poetry through research-based strategies, and to comprehend the content of the poem. Three objectives will be the focus of the unit in a span of 15 days.  First, students will learn the vocabulary needed to discuss poetry. Second, students will learn to identify the text features or elements of a poem.  And third, the students will compose a poem, choosing from among the different genres of poetry.  Culturally relevant materials and activities will be used as a resource to help students grasp the concept of poetry. Selecting poems written by Native Americans will give the students a better understanding of the poems because the content will be familiar. This will help students enjoy reading poetry without intimidation.  Another reason for choosing familiar content is to activate the prior knowledge and creativity of the students.

(Developed for English Language Art and Writing, grade 3; recommended for English Language Art and Writing, grades 4-8)

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