Campaign for Science Endowment

The 2001 New Haven seminar on "Bridges: Human Links and Innovations."

Since 1978, the Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute has been the premier educational partnership between Yale and New Haven, a pioneering model of university-school collaboration, and the most intensive and sustained way Yale faculty members assist in improving public education in the University’s home community. Yale faculty lead five-month seminars on topics school teachers request to deepen their knowledge and develop new materials to motivate and educate their students. More than one hundred Yale faculty from Yale College, the Graduate School, and the Schools of Law, Medicine, Divinity, and Forestry & Environmental Studies have participated. In 2004 the Institute undertook the Yale National Initiative to strengthen teaching in public schools, a long-term endeavor to establish similar Institutes, based on its proven and innovative approach, in states around the country. A recently released rigorous evaluation shows the Institute approach enhances teacher quality in precisely the ways that are known to increase student achievement. In addition, Institute participation is strongly linked to teacher retention in New Haven public schools.

Since 1979 the Institute has offered seminars in the sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics that have been supported largely by grants from private foundations. To sustain its work in these fields over the longer term, the Institute is building a million science endowment fund, like the endowment that has provided financial stability for its work in the humanities since the early 1990s. This endowment will ensure continuation of the Institute’s work in the sciences in New Haven, which provides the foundation for its work nationally.

Source: Giving to Yale