Free, but Not Free: Civil Liberties in Wartime

byKeysiah M. Middleton

This curriculum unit will cover the core curriculum areas of Social Studies, Reading, Speaking and Writing. Students will be required to read literature, view documentaries and films and write short passages regarding the experiences of African American soldiers in the Civil War. Students will be required to engage in reading, writing, dialogue and discussion. The unit will also cover certain aspects of the Drama and Art curriculum: a variety of lessons will include art presentations of drawings and paintings as well as dramatizations and re-enactments of the Civil War literature we read. Our culminating assessment of major lessons will involve the creation of a classroom museum: students will be responsible for researching Civil War information via library resources and the internet to locate historical documents and artifacts for replication.

(Developed for Social Studies, Reading, and Writing, grades 6-8; recommended for Elementary and Middle School, grades 5-8)

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