Participating School Districts

The school districts participating in the Yale National Initiative include those with Teachers Institutes and those that are planning or exploring the creation of such Institutes . Colleges and universities and public school districts may explore the desirability of establishing a Teachers Institute for their own community. Public school teachers from communities that have Teachers Institutes or are planning or exploring a Teachers Institute may apply to participate as Fellows in national seminars held at Yale. The twin purposes of these seminars are to provide first-hand experience in the Teachers Institute Approach and to acquaint participants with the Understandings and Procedures necessary for a Teachers Institute.

The following school districts are currently participating in the National Initiative:

Chicago, Illinois
  • Chicago Public Schools
  • Brandywine School District
  • Colonial School District
  • Red Clay Consolidated School District
School Districts on the Navajo Nation
  • Chinle Unified School District
  • Kayenta Unified School District
New Haven, Connecticut
  • New Haven Public Schools
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • School District of Philadelphia
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Pittsburgh Public Schools
Richmond, Virginia
  • Richmond Public Schools
San José, California
  • East Side Union High School District
  • San José Unified School District
  • Hearne Independent School District
Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Tulsa Public Schools