Search Curricular Resources from Local and National Seminars

Each teacher who participates as a Fellow in a Teachers Institute seminar or a national seminar prepares a curriculum unit to teach the following year and to share with other teachers. Since the inception of the New Haven Institute in 1978, Fellows have written more than 2,000 curriculum units in the humanities and the sciences.

Beginning in 2005, teachers from Institutes and school districts participating in the Yale National Initiative have become National Fellows and have developed curriculum units through national seminars. National Fellows have written nearly 1000 curriculum units in the humanities and the sciences.

These units from local and national seminars contain five elements: content objectives, teaching strategies, sample classroom activities, lists of resources for teachers and students, and appendices on the school district academic standards the units implement.

We encourage teachers who use these curriculum units to provide comments on the units and on student response. Selected comments by unit users will appear on the Yale National Initiative website.