League of Teachers Institutes

The school districts participating in the Yale National Initiative include those with Teachers Institutes and those that are planning or exploring the creation of such Institutes . The established Teachers Institutes are recognized as members of the League of Teachers Institutes®. Each Teachers Institute engages the serious educational challenges associated with low-income communities and a high proportion of racial and ethnic diversity. Each Institute identifies the principal ways it can assist the school district it serves. Some of the Institutes are serving school systems that are considerably larger than that of New Haven. In New Haven the partnership includes a major private university that does not have a department or college of Education. In Philadelphia the partnership includes a major private university that has a Graduate School of Education. In Delaware, the partnership includes the state's flagship research university and five school districts that span urban, suburban, and rural New Castle County. In Tulsa the partnership includes a private research university and the second-largest public school district in Oklahoma. These Teachers Institutes show that a successful professional development program in the humanities and the sciences can exist in each of these institutional contexts.