Discovering the Entrepreneur

byEdina Buzgon

This curriculum unit can be used for business, marketing, or social studies classes at the high school level. Students will understand what makes up a biography, how a job can turn into a career, what an entrepreneur is, and how to interview entrepreneurs in order to write their biography. By implementing the various activities in this unit, the students will gain insight on what education or training is needed in various careers. This will help them to decide which courses to take in high school and provide them with a direction to go once they graduate. They will explore both a famous, well-known entrepreneur and a local entrepreneur in our community. This will be a meaningful and memorable experience for the teens as they begin to create their own life story as they develop their career. The unit may inspire them to become a future business owner.

(Developed for Marketing, grades 9-12; recommended for Business, Marketing, and Social Studies, grades 9-12)

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