Energy, Environment and Health Electromagnetic Fields: Are They Buzzing You?

byKristy Hutton

Students today live in a very fast paced technology driven world, yet they have only a small idea of how things work, where they come from, or how they could possibly affect their health. Students seem to only be interested in the instant gratification of an item and do not think about the source of an item or long term affects this item could have on them. This unit will help students gain knowledge about the electronically driven world around them and how these electronics could impact their health. Students will use research skills, critical thinking skills, and the writing process to draw conclusions based on observations while working in collaborative groups. The unit is broken into three parts and will take approximately six weeks to complete. Students will leave the unit understanding what electromagnetic fields are, how electronic devices impact their everyday lives and future, and students will have a sense of ownership in lessening their energy consumption while improving their lives.

(Developed for Gifted and Talented, grades 6-7; recommended for Social Studies, Middle School grades, and Science, grades 6-8)

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