Risk Analysis of Shale Drilling Mock Trial: Shale we or Shale we not?

byMaria Orton

Shale We or Shale We Not? is a unit designed to have students look into their own moral fibers. Students are asked to make a stand and defend their opinions on if shale drilling should commence or if the risks are too great to justify the United Stated using internal energy sources. Students are asked to emulate a character either representing the prosecution or the defense. They not only need to become experts on shale drilling but they also need to create the arguments against their own stance. There are multiple facets effecting if shale drilling should be done or not. Students will decide for themselves if they initially believe shale drilling should be utilized as an energy source for the United States. Students will need to weigh their feelings between economic effects and environmental effects. There are clear differences between the two sides, but the barriers are a true blur. Which side will your class decide is in the best interest of creating energy for the United States?

(Developed for Chemistry, grade 10; recommended for Chemistry, grade 10, and Forensics, grades 11-12)

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