Get Charged Up: The Past, Present and Future of Electricity

byValerie Schwarz

This highly engaging curriculum unit is sure to electrify learning! The unit will begin by developing a deeper understanding of the roles Benjamin Franklin, Michael Faraday, and Thomas Edison played in modernizing the world in which we live.

Students will explore electricity through hands-on activities such as making lemon batteries, moving a ping-pong ball with static electricity, and building a motor. They will learn about circuits, current, electromagnets, motors, generators, and fuel cells. As the students work through the content, they will use their new knowledge to create a Thinglink page incorporating multi-media material designed on Glogster. The culminating activity will be an Electric Extravaganza where parents and special guests will visit the class. The students will unveil their finished product on Thinglink and make oral presentations explaining their learning. Students will also model making motors, circuits, and batteries. This curriculum unit is designed for Grade 4 but could easily be adapted to grades 5-8 physical science classes.

(Developed for Science/Technology, grade 4; recommended for Science, grades 4-6)

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