Confectionery Chemistry: Shifting the Contents of Chocolate

byEual A. Phillips

This unit is designed to grab the hearts of 10th grade students with several accomplishments.  First, it will challenge the students to choose creativity as a means to overcome oppression (i.e. George Washington Carver).  Secondly, students will engage in studying the phases of matter by using separation techniques to remove fat from chocolate, extract juice concentrate from fruits, and apply their knowledge by creating a beverage and juice-containing chocolate confectionery.  Finally, students will vlog their use of separation techniques to create their beverage and confectionary and share the recipe via social media as a method of disseminating scientific information to the public.  This introductory unit is best implemented at the beginning of the school year to really get students off to an exciting and meaningful start to chemistry.  The unit should last about 7 instructional days and can be taught after the basics of chemistry such as identifying reactants and products, distinguishing atoms, elements, and molecules, and the states of matter. Recommended for Chemistry, Grades 10 and 11.

(Developed for Chemistry, grade 10)

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