Everyday Science of Cooking

byCameron Rowe

This unit is intended for the fifth grade, states of matter, ages 9-11. The unit should take somewhere between 1-1 ½ months depending on your students and the time dedicated to science in your classroom. This unit’s primary focus is on the three states of matter: liquid, solid and gas. It will also focus on heat transference, as well as exploring protein denaturation and the chemical reaction in baking soda. It is also cross curricular touching on history and a sizable focus on engineering. All activities are simple to set up and run. They are safe in any classroom environment. This unit allows students the opportunity to learn about the scientific process and how to set up a science notebook. The unit has a lot of edible components that result from the classroom activities. This is an excellent unit for any teacher who struggles to get their students interested in science as well as scaffolding the scientific method in an easy and concrete way.

(Developed for Science, grade 8; recommended for Science, grade 5)

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