The Different Types of Government and The Vote

byKimberly Jim

My unit will explore the historical implications of voting rights and inequalities. The way the United States government is set up in comparison to the Navajo Nation government. I will also talk about the Navajo people and how they have their government set up similar to the United States government. Then, I will talk about the Navajo Nation, the tribal government, and the Navajo Nation president. Finally, the state tax revenue and the Navajo Nation tax laws. Also, the literacy and language barriers. This unit is made for elementary kids in first grade. This unit is geared towards those who teach on or near Native American reservations. I truly believe that not a lot of young kids know too much about their own government. It is very important that kids who live on or near reservations are exposed to the kind of government that they have governing them. By knowing so, then they can have the knowledge of what the laws are on their reservation and the law of their neighboring cities. It is very important that the younger generation know the laws because one day they will be the adult living there and knowledge is power.

(Developed for Social Studies, Writing, and Reading, grade 1; recommended for Social Studies, Writing, and Reading, grades 1-3)

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