Measures and Counts and Shapes, Oh...Polyomino?

byJoseph Parrett

This is a kindergarten unit that will connect the mathematical strands of geometry, counting and cardinality, and measurement and data, through the use of the shapes known as polyominoes. The students will engage in hands-on activities to find, create, and record polyominoes. They will use these shapes to practice critical skills from the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics, including counting and writing numerals and the description of geometric attributes. They will then engage in measurement tasks that culminate in finding area and perimeter of polyominoes. The unique nature of polyominoes makes these advanced measurement practices totally accessible to kindergarten students. In the summative activity, students will engage in critical thinking exercises as they consider the polyominoes. They will sort the shapes into groups, and justify their groupings by referring to data collected about the attributes of the polyominoes. These activities will also strengthen student skills associated with multiple CCSS Math Practices. This unit will expose primary students to advanced learning, concepts and vocabulary, and at the same time they will be practicing critical kindergarten standards from across three mathematical strands.

(Developed for Mathematics, grade K; recommended for Mathematics, grades 1-2)

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