American Policing Disparities: Today's African-American Males Living in the Shadows of their Male Ancestors

byChristine Shaub

The sad history of the slave trade is viewed from a different perspective.  Bridging historical African American male figures to today’s killing of unarmed African American males by white police officers are explored in this curriculum unit.  The cultural oral history of many groups are passed down from generation to generation.  This is prevalent in the African American culture.  Is it the same for whites?  Could the white slave master’s characteristics and ideology be passed from generation to generation? Could the ideologies of the white slave masters still have credence in the mindset of white law enforcement officers today?  This unit will look at the slave and the white slave master to examine these questions.

Keywords:  slave, slavery, African Americans, black males, police, law enforcement, slave trade, criminal justice, Brown v. Board of Education, Plessy v. Ferguson, Tamir Rice, George Floyd, Black Lives Matter, Trayvonn Martin, Frederick Douglas, Fountain Hughes, Henry “Box” Brown, racism, white supremacy, unarmed black men, police brutality, Plessy v. Ferguson, Black Codes, Fugitive Slave Act 1950, white slave owner, Booker T. Washington, police accountability

(Developed for LA 1, grade 10; recommended for Social Studies and History, grades 9-11)

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