Delaware Teachers Institute in New Castle County

Delaware Team at the Intensive Session, July 2017. (From left to right: Eric W. Rise, Monica Cohen, Robert Graham, Terri Eros, Michael Doody, Barbara Prillaman, Joseph Harris, and Patricia Hermance.)

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The Delaware Teachers Institute in New Castle County, founded in 2010, brings the resources of the University of Delaware to four school districts enrolling 36 percent of Delaware's students. The districts, two of which are the largest in the state, span rural, suburban, and urban communities. They include three K-12 local education agencies, as well as a county-wide vocational-technical high school district. The Institute is working in about 40 percent of the districts' schools, bringing the Institute experience and its benefits to more than 1,300 teachers and about 19,000 students, 38 percent of whom are identified as coming from low-income families. Delaware is the first instance of an Institute partnership that involves more than one school district.