Teaching Principles of Evolutionary Medicine through a Historical Lens

byValerie Schwarz

Infectious disease impacted history countless times, but perhaps none more significantly than the decimation of Native Peoples in the Americas. This unit is designed to teach principles of evolutionary medicine by examining the three cultures that met in early America: English, Africans and Native Americans. The unit will delve into the principles of immunity, population size, and invasive and native species and biodiversity. A variety of strategies and activities will be implemented to teach high-level concepts in a developmentally appropriate manner. The overall goal of this unit is for my fourth graders to understand and apply these principles to history, ecosystems and the world around them. This unit could be adapted for grades 5-8 as well.

(Developed for Social Studies and Science, grade 4; recommended for Science and Social Studies, grade 4, and adaptable for grades 5-8)

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    harold james smith (graham middle, graham, nc)
    Subject taught: science, Grade: 7
    Nicely Done
    Thanks Man

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