Teaching Science and Global Warming

byMichele Murzak

My goals for this unit are to teach children to reason and think on their own. Children will use the scientific method, make connections, and think critically. My unit will touch upon many concepts but most importantly it will focus on "the basics." For example, students will learn about the Sun and Earth. Students will also learn about greenhouse gases and the greenhouse effect. Students will do hands-on experiments. Most importantly, students will learn about the consequences of global warming and what we can do to help. The purpose of this unit is to teach students about the most important environmental problem of the 21st century, global warming. The unit will focus on many key concepts. It is important that students learn about this topic, global warming, because it relates to life. As teachers, it is our duty to make students aware of such pressing issues like global warming. My students will be given the facts. My hope is that students will not only understand what global warming is, but also want to help. I hope I motivate my students to make immediate changes in their homes and community, simply starting by educating and encouraging their family.

(Developed for Science, Math, and Language Arts, grades 4-5; recommended for Science, grades 4-5)

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    jeff davis (turquoise trail charter school, santa fe, nm)
    Subject taught: fifth-sixth grade (all subjects)
    teaching global warming
    I am a national fellow, 2007, in a renewable energy seminar. My unit is on wind power. Thanks for your unit. I am citing you and borrowing some of your thoughts and ideas for my unit.
    Jeff Davis, Santa Fe, NM

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