The Power of the Sun

byDanielle Gothie

The curriculum unit, "The Power of the Sun" is designed to be taught to sixth grade students during their science period. The focus of the unit is on solar energy and covers elements of Earth and Space Science, Life science, and Physical science. This unit is designed to provide students will a broad understanding of global warming and the need for alternative and renewable energy production. A majority of the activities in this unit are investigative and hands-on. The primary focus of the investigations will be for the students to understand processes of scientific investigations and use inquiry and scientific methods to develop questions, design and conduct experiments using appropriate technologies. The culminating activity will be the design and construction of a model solar car.

(Developed for Science, grade 6; recommended for Science, grades 5-7)

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    Sharyn Fisher Gray (Wood Gormley Elementary School, Santa Fe, NM)
    Subject taught: all, Grade: 4
    Solar Unit
    Hey Danielle, I'm using your lovely unit as an intro to Northern - thought it would be right up their alley. Most excellent work!

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