Food Allergies Beware: We Know your Secret!

byLori Paderewski

Food Allergies Beware: We know your secret!, is a unit designed for third grade students, which can be adapted for all learners. Learning about nutrition and food allergies can be exciting for third grade students, yet at the same time, scary. The concepts and ideas presented in this unit, as well as most information on the role of the immune system in allergic reactions, are difficult for most people to understand, particularly young children. The goal of this unit is to deliver content information to assist the students in answering the following questions: What are food allergies? How does a person develop a food allergy? What are foods that commonly cause allergic reactions? What happens to our body when we have a reaction? How do we treat the symptoms of an allergic reaction? Can we prevent food allergies? How can we be safe with allergies?

(Developed for Science, Human Body, grade 3; recommended for Elementary School grades 2-4)

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