Lo "real maravilloso" y el cine

byMaría Cardalliaguet Gómez-Málaga
As a result of the Lo "real maravilloso" y el cine curriculum unit, designed for high school Spanish 4 classes, students will learn about Latin American literature, so as to be able to appreciate and ultimately to read, understand, analyze, and interpret short stories or novel excerpts written by authors such as Gabriel García Márquez, Juan Rulfo, Isabel Allende and Laura Esquivel. They will also learn to compare them to some of their adaptations on the screen. They will learn basic notions of film studies, as well as how to watch, interpret and analyze movies by making connections and comparisons with the original text, involving questions of point of view, who the narrator is, what tone is taken, etc.

Most of the class activities for this unit will be conducted in Spanish, but English will be used when necessary. With proper modifications, the unit could also be taught in Spanish 3, Spanish 5 or in Advanced Placement Spanish Language and/or Advance Placement Spanish Literature.

(Developed for Spanish IV, grades 11-12; recommended for Spanish IV, AP Spanish Language and Literature, grades 9-12)

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    Elis Dvorsky (UNAM, Mexico, DF)
    Subject taught:
    very good info and links
    I want to comment just that this site and its contents are very interesting and useful to know better the connections between Literature and cinema
    Thanks for sharing on the net

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