Green Chemistry: The Future is in Your Hands

byStephen J. Griffith
Green Chemistry brings about a fundamental difference in how the chemical process is treated. It is the cutting edge of the chemical industry today and can fundamentally change our lives for the better in the future by assessing environmental concerns today. Once one understands the twelve principles of Green Chemistry that have been established it becomes painfully obvious how this form of chemical synthesis should have been established for many years. It is due to the nature of what Green Chemistry has to offer that it becomes vital for students of this day and age to know, understand, and practice the principles of Green Chemistry in their daily lives. The following unit is designed to take the existing form of chemistry education and expand upon it by including this revolutionary new approach to chemistry. The target audience for this is an 8th grade science classroom. It is intended to be used during the instruction of basic chemistry as an extension to the curriculum guidelines already established. This is not designed to make them future chemists; it is designed with the dogmatic approach to teach them these new concepts so they may be aware of better use and practice of chemistry in the real world so they may become outspoken advocates of the movement in their own future.

(Developed for Science, Grade 8)

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