From the Thoughts of Another: Comprehension through the Genres of Poetry

byChante Givens

When students begin school, their level of excitement is high. They cannot wait until they begin learning. As the years pass from one to another, this excitement quickly dwindles. Students are bombarded with all sorts of information about the rules and regulations of language. By the time they get to me in third grade, they are burned out and are not interested in reading or the enjoyment of it. In this unit, students will be immersed in the joys and understanding of poetry and ultimately write their own poetry anthology. This unit will make poetry accessible for students and allow them to relate to it. Through poetry students will work on comprehension, drawing conclusions, and a variety of other aspects of reading. Students will also learn to write several kinds of poetry ranging from couplets to sonnets. The unit will end with a field trip to the Visual Arts Museum where students will write their own ekphrastic poetry. This fun unit will have students engaged and involved.

(Developed for Language Arts, grade 3; recommended for Language Arts, Elementary grades 2-5)

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