Tune into the Tone: What Should We Hear Here?

byAisha Collins

This unit will encourage students in primary grades K-3, to address the issues of credibility in a speaker (Is this someone you feel you can trust?), how the speaker or speech made them feel (Did it make you feel eagerness, happiness etc. towards something), and the author's or speaker's purpose (Is the speaker trying to make you do something or feel a certain way?). Students will understand that universally, speaking is recognized as a portrayal of a person's knowledge, skill and credibility. They will understand that in order to understand the message a speaker is sending they must listen carefully, using techniques to clarify and understand what is heard.

"Tune into The Tone" will be a unit focusing on various aspects of how speeches are important and how they are used to convey messages and prompt actions from others. This unit will give students the opportunity to listen to, analyze, and write speeches on various topics and for varying purposes

(Developed for Social Studies, grade 2; recommended for Reading and Social Studies, grades K-3)

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