Our Understanding of the Meaning of Race: A Sociological Critical Lens

byBarbara Prillaman

In this unit, high school students will focus on the guiding questions: What is the meaning of race for ourselves, others, and our society? What are the causes and consequences of classifying people by race? Following the Common Core Standards, students will read for meaning and interpret historical documents highlighting the African American experience to better understand the sociological concepts of race, racial attitudes, and racial actions. This unit is collaborative in nature in that students in different schools will work together through the use of Google Docs and Blogs, to focus on developing their technological skills necessary for college or the work place. Additionally, they will participate in Socratic Seminars to critically read and prepare to actively participate in conversations to help them make meaning of the complex content. Lastly, students will conduct their own sociological research by using surveys and interviews to reflect on their school communities.

(Developed for Sociology, grades 11-12; recommended for Sociology/Psychology, High School grades 10-12)

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