Will They Remember Me? Finding Our Identity by Writing Memoirs and Biographies

byMichelle Hilbeck

In this unit, sixth grade students will learn the writing process by studying and writing their own memoirs and biographies. Focusing on the Common Core Reading Informational Text and Writing Standards, students will first read an established author's personal narrative and biography to act as models for writing. Through the writing process, students will create their memoir about an incident that has brought about change in their life. Next, students will apply the principles of biography to become biographers and write their peer's biography. Finally, students will reflect on their memoir and their lives up until this point and work with their peer to identify their lasting identity. Students will determine what they truly want to be remembered for to help them create a remembrance statement to conclusion to their books.

(Developed for English/Language Arts, grade 6; recommended for English/Language Arts, grades 6-8)

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    Cristina Gallego (Columbia Heights Educational Campus, Washington, DC, DC)
    Subject taught: Spanish, Grade: 6
    Bigraphy for bilingual students
    These resources are great to use in the classroom. As a dual language teacher I am always looking for good resources that can be translated in Spanish, we are creating our own curriculum as we go.

    Thank you for providing us with some good resources to use!

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