Glory Daze: Gloria Steinem's Biography Untangles the Mystique of Feminism

bySonia Henze

This unit, Glory Daze, will take the reader on a journey through the second wave of the women's movement in America starting with Gloria Steinem and spiraling out to her sisters in action over several decades then ending with the student as a modern feminist. Sources will include the autobiographical writings of Ms. Steinem and biographies by Carolyn Heilbrun and Sydney Stern. Several articles written by Steinem in the sixties and seventies will be used to show her own evolution into a feminist and the backlash she suffered along the way. By zooming in on this one woman, students will be able to see how the ordinary life of an average woman can impact the world. Ms. Steinem's words, actions and reflections helped change those around her. If nothing else she constantly provoked critical thinking and used humor as a bridge to awareness and understanding. She reminds us that words matter. Gloria Steinem continues to inspire people to get involved in human rights issues especially those affecting women.

(Developed for Women's Studies/Social Studies, grades 10-12; recommended for AP U. S. History, grade 11)

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