Experiencing the Revolutionary War Era through Visual Images

byAlexandra Kennedy Edwards

We are subjected to a greater amount of information today and from so many more sources than ever before. The need to navigate through all these sources is imperative for my students. The goal of my curriculum unit is to allow me to be the facilitator while they journey on to discover the role of the Revolutionary War in US History. I believe a visual image can bring about more student-driven discussion. My goal is to sell them, as though it were a product, the images I have discovered at the Yale University Art Gallery and British Art Center. The paintings, political cartoons, drawings, and other artifacts will serve as primary sources and be combined with secondary sources to provide a more complete portrayal of life during the American Revolutionary era. The artwork serves as a valuable visual record and provides greater depth in their understanding of the various viewpoints of Patriots, Loyalists, slaves, and the English population in Britain. The technology used in the unit will also offer my students new ways to further their interest in art.

(Developed for U. S./N. C. History; recommended for U. S. History Middle School/High School, grades 8 and 11)

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