"My City Need' Something": Making Safe Inner City Green Spaces in Philadelphia's Hunting Park

bySydney Coffin

Celebrating the current renovations of a city park in North Philadelphia, students in this unit will examine the changes to the built environment through a public history lens, looking closely at decisions being made over time to bring the park (and its people) into the present day. Applying a Project Based Learning methodology to the assignments, students will hone in on an aspect of the park that intrigues them: its horticulture, recreational facilities, safety, art and architecture, poetic aspects, maintenance, or its social politics, all the while meeting with community organizers and city officials to ask how can we participate in making this a better park. What does your city need?

(Developed for English III American Literature Class, grade 11; recommended for Social Studies, English, and Art, grades 10-12)

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