The Menominee Journey to Self Determination

byAshley Pate

The strategies employed during this unit will lead students to research and analyze the Menominee tribe, who are considered the oldest continuous residents of Wisconsin, in an effort to answer the Essential Question: How did the Menominee tribe achieve tribal sovereignty? In order to accomplish this, students will read and engage with a number of text and multimedia sources to uncover how major government agencies and legislation impacted the tribe throughout its history, especially the Termination Act of 1954. The Menominee's rich history and legacy of self-sufficiency caused the US government to see them as ideal candidates for this policy. Though termination caused devastating effects, the Menominee tribe was able to collectively exercise their rights to end termination, achieve restoration and reestablish themselves as a sovereign nation.

(Developed for U. S History, grade 7; recommended for U. S. History, grades 6-11)

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