Solar and Wind and Batteries, Oh My!

byJoseph Parrett

This is a kindergarten unit that could be adapted to other primary grades. It is an introduction to the energy sciences meant to enrich the force and motions kindergarten unit. Students will be actively engaged in STEM learning activities while learning about renewable and non-renewable sources of power. Specifically, students will be work with the sustainable energy sources of wind and solar energy. Representing non-renewable energy will be the battery, though comparisons to fossil fuels will be made. Students will work in collaborative groups in a series of hands-on experiments. They will be constructing cars out of Legos though any sort of building materials could be substituted for the Lego blocks. Once groups have studied cars powered by battery, wind, and solar they will compare and contrast their different vehicles and choose their “ultimate car”. They will also justify their reasoning for the choice using facts from their observations. This activity is designed to be rigorous, relevant and highly engaging.

(Developed for Science, grade K; recommended for Science, grades 1-2)

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