Kindergarten Writing: Writing as a Form of Art

byAnna Tom

As writers, kindergarteners go through a tremendous leap from experimental writing at ages 15 months-5 years to formal text writing in kindergarten. Formal writing demands prerequisite skills such as memory of the letters, phonic skills for spelling, and fine motor skills for handwriting. There are also social-emotional skills to work on such as stamina to continue writing and the motivation to find writing meaningful. Writing is a powerful tool for children to express themselves, tell stories, and fight for justice, yet it is something that many students find challenging.

This unit targets kindergarten writing and focuses on how art and text has an interlaced relationship. It explores how Chinese pictographs, Egyptian Hieroglyphs, and Latin alphabet parallels with kindergarten writing. This unit also looks into how the arts can support various types of learners and make learning culturally and personally relevant to the students. Activities for this unit includes interactive read aloud, art projects, and writing pieces that revolve around the theme of self, family, and culture.

(Developed and recommended for Writing and Art, Kindergarten)

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