Germs Attack!

byJessica Johnson

In this unit designed for kindergarten, students are challenged to conceptually understand that our bodies are made up of tiny cells that we are unable to see with the human eyes. Within the unit students learn how germs, specifically viruses and bacteria, invade our bodies and attack our cells, making us sick. The unit also includes information on how our immune system, with the aid of vaccines and antibiotics, fight off bacteria and viruses. Students will engage in various Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) including asking questions, defining problems, modeling disciplinary core ideas, and communicating information. In culmination, a science theater activity aids in the unit’s demonstration of students understanding. In order to receive content knowledge students use technology. In exposing students from an early age to these concepts, I hope to inspire a lifelong love of science in our young learners and future leaders to look to science for solutions to problems on staying healthy.

(Developed for Science, Kindergarten; recommended for Science, grades K-2)

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