Our White Hats: A Study of Heroes

byJoseph Parrett

This is a kindergarten unit lasting about two weeks. Students will be exploring the concept of heroes. As students read and view the heroic stories of the Disney company, they will be practicing several English language arts standards including those related to asking and answering questions, retelling stories, and comparing and contrasting narrative elements. To aid with these challenges students will be writing and using graphic organizers. We will also be developing the history concept of past and present by exploring change over time and the civics concept concerning the qualities of a good leader. Specific content covered will include evaluating how heroes grow and change through their adventure and an examination of character traits exhibited by heroes. We will also discuss whether individual heroes have the makings of good leaders. Students will then be challenged to implement these heroic character traits in their own lives.

(Developed for Reading/ELA, Social Studies, and Social Skills, grade K; recommended for Reading/ELA and Social Studies, grades 1-2)

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