Our Sun: The Myths, the Facts, and Superman

byJoseph Parrett

This unit leverages the popularity of Superman to add relevance to and enhance engagement of  kindergarten science and English Language Arts (ELA) lessons (though it could be adapted to 1st or 2nd grade as well). In the unit students will learn about Superman’s connection to the stars and our Sun. Through the lens of Superman, students will learn about observable patterns of nature that relate to the relationship between the Sun and Earth. Concepts covered in lesson will include: day and night, the seasons, the Sun and plants, and how the Sun affects weather on Earth. A goal of the unit is to better connect the kindergarten science units regarding plants and trees, the weather, and force and motion. Additionally, students will be exposed to multicultural mythology that relates to the content of this unit. This unit will address Next Generation Science Standards as well as kindergarten ELA standards prescribed by the Common Core State Standards. Student engagement is about to go “up, up, away”.

(Developed for ELA and Science, grade K; recommended for ELA and Science, grades 1-2)

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