To Infinity and Beyond: using non-fiction text and study to promote science-fiction writing

byLauren E. Freeman

Young children have always dreamt about space and all of its heavenly bodies.  The sun and stars, the moon, our planets and whatever else their imagination will generate.  The wonders of our solar system and others have the tendency to become buried amongst district curriculum at this grade level.  The truth is that there are vast amounts of information that can now offer the immensity of our entire universe to children of all ages in a manner that is developmentally appropriate, and fun at the same time.

To Infinity and Beyond: using in-depth, non-fiction text and study to promote science-fiction writing, intends to deliver useful and fascinating information to children at the third-grade level while integrating non-fiction reading practice, creative writing within the science fiction genre as well as loads of scientific facts regarding our solar system and beyond.  Using standards from Common Core and the state of Pennsylvania’s ELA and Science categories, students will be immersed in a rich and robust learning atmosphere in which they will produce fact-based, creative writing science fiction pieces and scripts for their classmates and other peers to enjoy.  This captivating and stimulating unit is adaptable up to sixth grade and mindful of all levels and abilities of the children involved.

(Developed for ELA, grade 3; recommended for ELA, grades 3-5)

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