Niños y la Naturaleza: Nature in the World Language Classroom

byHolly Bryk

In this multisensory unit designed for a World Language class, I will focus on providing opportunities for my Spanish students to connect to the natural world through place-based education. Over a span of six weeks my students will explore and observe various aspects in nature.  My students will spend time in nature writing in the target language. This unit will include, but is not limited to, a nature journal written response to nature in the target language, a visual depiction labeled in the target language of an observation in nature, and an oral presentation of a selected journal entry. My plan is for the unit to culminate with each student selecting an entry from the entirety of their natural journal entries to present as their final entry, their summative assessment. Students will share the end product, their updated and enhanced journal entry, with classmates digitally using a learning management system like Schoology. They will also have the opportunity to present their final product to the larger school community during one of our weekly middle school meetings. This unit addresses the World-Readiness Standards for Language Learning of Interpersonal Communication and Global and School Communities.

(Developed for and Spanish 1B, grade 7, and Spanish 2, grade 8; recommended for Spanish, grades 6-12)

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