Homeland to Hometown: Restorative Awareness in Writing About Nature

byCatherine Fee

This curriculum unit addresses challenges faced by English Language Development middle school students, fostering connections to nature and self-identity growth. It utilizes literature analysis, journaling, and reflective writing to promote a sense of belonging. Key strategies include nested language supports such as exemplar works, journaling, familial interviews, and nature readings. Extracting "juicy sentences" from complex texts enhances vocabulary and comprehensio

Narrative writing helps students process traumatic experiences and develop storytelling skills. Emphasizing a balanced and diverse teaching approach, the unit incorporates various methods and student-led discussions. The purpose is to promote critical thinking, core language standards, and exploration of "Writing About Nature" for personal growth and identity in America.

Overall, the objective of the unit is to have cross-curricular applications and promote the exploration of narrative writing to understand oneself, foster a sense of belonging, shape personal growth and identity relevant to students’ experiences in Nature.

(Developed for English Language Learning, grades 6-8; recommended for English, grades 6-8)

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