Science, Safety, and Civil Liberties

byVictoria Brown

This unit is written for a high school science class, consisting of students grades nine through twelve. To stimulate interest amongst students and integrate science with other subjects, it is designed to engage high school science students in learning about science-related topics involving issues of both safety and civil liberties. This unit is divided into three different aspects specific for each student based on their particular shops/majors.

1. HRT (Health Related Technology) students will focus on doing the research aspect of this unit, on anthrax as a terrorist weapon, and they will create PowerPoint presentations showing their findings.
2. Students in other shops will participate in debates on how to combat anthrax and other security risks without violating civil liberties.
3. All students will do a final research paper about a civil liberty issue that affected them personally either directly or indirectly.

This unit will be taught from a vocational perspective. I also hope to make students aware of the many ways in which science is important in their lives. I intend to use this curriculum unit to heighten awareness of how science often poses new problems and new solutions for American goals of protecting civil liberties.

(Developed for Science, grade 11; recommended for Science and Vocational Shops, grades 9-12)

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