Educating the Community about Global Warming and Sea Level Rise through Earth Day

byMatthew Cacopardo

This unit is intended as a cross disciplinary approach to the science of global warming. It is meant to educate the high school community as a whole on the effects of sea level rise, a forecasted phenomenon with the onset of global warming, to our environment and economy. My goal is that math, biology, language arts and business teachers will integrate into a lesson how the science of global warming is related to their subject. The topics covered in each class will then be used in the school wide Earth Day event in which all students will have a role in participating. The Earth Day event is designed to introduce the science of global warming while highlighting sea level rise as the main theme. Biology classes will hold an art exhibit of food chains found in ecosystems which will be affected by sea level rise. Math and business classes will calculate area lost and develop a cost benefit analysis. English classes will write persuasive essays to politicians and hold a poetry reading and/or rap contest. By incorporating each student and teacher there will be more of an impact and appreciation for the event and for their future impact on the Earth.

(Developed for Biology, grade 10)

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