Shakespeare's World: an Integrated Unit for Third Grade

byCatherine Boydstun

This unit is designed to be used over a six week period across the subject areas followed by another six weeks of drama. It is heavily weighted toward the arts, with hands-on opportunities for drama, dancing, theater, and visual arts. It additionally has lessons in the core subject areas of literacy, math, science, and social studies. These lessons will provide interesting and challenging curriculum based tasks for students to master while they simultaneously learn about Shakespeare and the 16th century. As they study the past, I would like students to realize how much we have changed as a society, to understand that we all have a rich and interesting past and history, and to perhaps develop an appreciation for classic literature and arts through early and appropriate exposure to Shakespeare.

To begin this unit I have gone into some history and background information on Shakespeare and what 16th century England, particularly London, was like. I will need this information to teach the unit to my students so that I can explain to them in vivid detail what life was like back then. I want to be able to answer their questions, draw pictures, and spark their curiosity.

(Developed for all curriculum areas, grade 3; recommended for all curriculum areas, grades 3-5)

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