The Amazing Zero; Starring in: "Place Value, Estimation and Order of Magnitude"

byVivienne Bartman

This unit, "The Amazing Zero Starring in Place Value, Estimation and Order of Magnitude" was created for a third grade class. It will show the children how important the number zero is in mathematics. It will especially focus on the use of zero in our base ten place value system for writing numbers. It will also delve into how numbers with lots of zeros, round numbers, help us with estimation by concentrating our attention on the relative sizes of numbers, rather than being mesmerized by their digits. The unit will begin with the importance of zero in place value and then finish with the importance of zero in order of magnitude in real life situations such as adding and subtracting. The main objective for this unit is to build a strong foundation of the concept of Order of Magnitude. Within order of magnitude falls the concepts of place value, place holder, with zero being the main character in the scenario.

(Developed for grade 3; recommended for Elementary Math, grade 3)

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