Stoichiometry -- A Necessary Tool in Chemistry

byAruna Kailasa

Food is one of the most important basic needs of life and most of us love food. This unit associates the promotion of healthy food habits with understanding of key chemistry concepts. One key concept is stoichiometry, which is a necessary tool for chemists - this unit connects food with stoichiometry to drive student's interest towards chemistry. One particular goal of the unit is for students to do calculations without using the word "stoichiometry". A second goal is to educate students to make the right choices in selecting healthy food, which is good for their body This helps students to be physically healthier as they may tend to choose the right food and would be active in chemistry class, as well. Throughout the unit the activities will involve food and chemistry, which emphasize the importance of chemistry concepts in making healthy food choices. The activities incorporate math calculations that will lead students to stoichiometry and limiting reactant concepts of chemistry.

(Developed for Chemistry and AP Chemistry, grades 9-12; recommended for Chemistry, grades 9-12)

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