Memory Boot Camp

byShelley Freedman-Bailey
Your students are about to be drafted into Memory Boot Camp. This intense program will use physical activity and a simulation of being in the military service to help them improve their memory. At the conclusion of this unit, students will understand that their long-term memory is unlimited. To remember something, they have to want to remember it, to value the information. Students will be able to quantify how their short term memory has improves with practice, practice, practice. Students will be able to describe how memory works in the brain. They will be able to answer: What is memory? How does the brain store memories? Where is memory located? What are the types or pathways of memory? What are the stages of memory? Why do we remember certain events and not others? After completion of this unit, students will be able to determine, when given a memory task, whether they need this information short-term or long-term, and incorporate one or more of the strategies included in this unit. All the information and activities they participate in will be recorded in a portfolio. This portfolio will be the evaluation tool indicating if they have improved their memory.

(Developed for Gifted and Talented, grade 7; recommended for Biology, Science, Psychology, and Gifted and Talented, grade 7)

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