You'll Stumble in My Footsteps: Character Traits, Choices, and Outcomes in Literature

byLori Hiura

My unit focuses on bridging the gap between content curriculum and character education through various types of texts. This unit allows students to use both canonical and contemporary literature to recognize conflict characters face when presented with ethical dilemmas that have harsh moral, physical, emotional, and social consequences. Through lessons, discussions, and activities students will be able to apply what they have learned to decisions they have made in the past, and note the impact that decision had on their own personal character. This unit also covers the levels of judgment that people face when confronted with moral choices. Students will analyze where that judgment comes from and discuss why people judge others' decisions when they often don't know the real reasons for why someone made the choice he/she did. By the end of the unit, students will develop skills that will help them make choices that will better strengthen their personal character and give them the confidence to make and defend their decisions.

(Developed for English, Middle School grade 7; recommended for English, Middle School grades 6-8)

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