The Declaration of Independence: Still Inspiring Americans to Fight for Freedom!

byLaura Turner

What unifies us as Americans? The philosophy of the Declaration of Independence does. In this unit, second-graders will recognize how each of them is a unique American and how the ideals of the Declaration of Independence unify them with every other American. Students will understand important phrases in the Declaration, identify where America is on a map, and compare and contrast the lives and actions of Americans who have used the Declaration to gain rights for American citizens who at one time were denied equality and/or liberty. The curriculum provides a concise history of events leading up to the signing of the Declaration of Independence. It also provides details on the lives of Martin Luther King Jr., Barack Obama, Cesar Chavez and Jane Addams as examples of famous Americans who have used the promises made by the Declaration to gain rights for all Americans.

(Developed for Social Studies/Writing, grade 2; recommended for Social Studies, grades 2-3)

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    Mary Ryan (Ms., Glenside, PA)
    Subject taught: All, Grade: 5
    Great lesson plan
    I really like the historical background and culturally responsive framework of this lesson. I was looking for approaches to teaching the Declaration of Independence to my English Learners as well as native 5th grade students. Although this lesson was designed for younger students, there are many elements that I can be used with any age group. It also helped me understand why this document is important to all Americans. Thank you.
    Mary Ryan (Ms., Glenside, PA)
    Subject taught: all, Grade: 5
    Excellent lesson
    All Americans benefit from the inalienable rights provided for in the Declaration of Independence: \"Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness\" 2. Americans continually strive for freedom, liberty and equality. Those words inspire the hope of endless possibilities for all Americans. The Declaration of Independence is the primary document that built this great nation and with it that hope. It is a vision statement for the country. At its core it provides hope for Americans, especially the disenfranchised who have the ability to rise above persecution (even government persecution) and establish rights for themselves.

    America has been blessed with many freedom fighters.

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