Using Place Value to Teach Addition and Subtraction, Let's Count the Ways

byEmily B. Dentel

This unit is for 2nd grade, and can be used to teach any student struggling with regrouping or basic addition and subtraction. It utilizes ideas from Singapore math and intertwines the concepts of place value, addition and subtraction throughout. By working with these concepts together, students will gain a deeper, lasting understanding of the value of a number, and also of the operations of addition and subtraction. This unit utilizes three models from the Singapore approach to mathematics: the concrete model to introduce a concept, the pictorial model to further a student's conceptual understanding, and finally the symbolic model. This will allow for students' diverse learning styles and preferences to be reached, as well as students' differentiated learning stages.

(Developed for Mathematics, grade 2; recommended for Mathematics, grades 1-3, and Mathematics Remediation, all grades)

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    Stephanie R Wire (Hidden Cove , San Antonio, TX)
    Subject taught: Reading Math Social Emotional , Grade: PK
    Explination for Math Teachers
    I am going to share this resource with the teachers for an intervention strategy for our RTI small groups and for teachers to consider in their tier 1 differentiation. Will also explore sight for other best practices in teaching math. ? Is there such a thing as a math continuum while learning math?

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