Non-Violent Fictional Characters as a Means to Character-Building: Ferdinand the Flower-Friendly Bull and Chrysanthemum the Brave Blooming Mouse

byJustine A. Ferguson

The purpose of this unit is to integrate non-violent curriculum into the culture of the school as well as influence the learning "culture" of the students' homes. This first grade unit will highlight extensive research on brain-based learning and the effects of violence on the brain. It will also emphasize the importance of developing a student's social and emotional intelligence. This unit will also assist the teacher to establish an engaging, empowering, and safe learning environment for inquiry, intrapersonal as well as interpersonal discovery.

The teacher will use the books, The Story of Ferdinand and Chrysanthemum to examine the topics of bullying, non-violence, and friendship. Students will learn life lessons from fictional characters and a real-life leader, such as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (MLK). This unit will help build critical thinking skills through experiential group and solo activities, as well as learning interviewing skills at school and at home. This unit will partially fulfill the belief that state/national standards need to integrate non-violent curriculum – to help the teacher, student, and parent/guardian encourage non-violent behavior for better learning and healthier development.

(Developed for Language Arts, Reading and Writing [Integrate into Mathematics and Science], grade 1; recommended for Language Arts, Reading and Writing [some Mathematics and Science], grade 1 [can be modified for grades 2-3])

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    Senaida Keast (pen, ca, ca)
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    Thanks for the post i\'ve been teaching for years with children with disabilities and i\'m still learning myself. Keep up the posts and i will continue to learn :)

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