Seasonal Dine/Navajo Poetry: Interpreting the Seasons through Dine/Navajo Culture

byLeAndrea James

This unit will help students interpret the lifestyle of the Navajo people through poetry stories and literature. Student will be able to read the poetry stories and understand the historical background of the Dine people by reading through the text written in both the English and Navajo language. The text depicts the traditional way of living according to the history of Navajo/Dine people. The poem stories will help to remind students of how our Dine people lived in balance with the land and the seasons. The vocabulary written in the Dine language will be utilized as a medium for students to begin speaking their Dine language. The poetry stories illustrate the livelihood of a Dine family from the past. In addition, the students will dive into the historical aspect of the Dine culture by analyzing the Long Walk and the Navajo Code Talkers.

(Developed for Special Education and English Language Arts, grade 7; recommended for English Language Arts and Navajo Language Class, Middle School grades)

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